How to find missing PS Vita PlayStation®Plus titles

I’m a huge fan of my Vita for gaming and remote play on my PS4 – most likely due to my trophy hunter/gatherer nature. Every couple of months, a great title appears on PlayStation®Plus for Vita and then you go to grab it fresh from the store as soon as you can. However, this isn’t always as simple as you’d hope – this month I had to try a bunch of things before I could download Titan Souls.

Here’s a set of steps you should take once you enter the store.

  1. Open the PlayStation®Plus section. If the game is there, cracking job! Start the download! If it’s not there, go straight to step 2:
  2. Try the Search box (top right). Give it a word from the title of the game and let it go find it. Beware that the title may be quite a way down the list of results. If that doesn’t work:
  3. For Plan C, you need to “purchase” the title elsewhere. You can do this on the PS Store website or on another PlayStation device, such as your PS4 if the title was cross-buy – it may even already be in the PS Plus section of the PS4 Store! Once purchased, you can go back to the PS Store application on your Vita and go to the Download List (lower right under the ellipsis) and near the top of the list should be your recent “purchase”, ready for you to download.

If option 3 doesn’t work, it might just be a simple mistake – if it was really meant to be, it may appear by the end of the month – Titan Souls has now appeared on the PS Vita Store.