Blog Hiatus 1

So it’s been a while since I last published a post – actually, it’s four and a half months since CCC and DefCon Videos – Part 1 in March. I knew it was going to happen, for several major reasons:

  1. First came GDC, an incredibly busy time of preparation, then meetings and then following up those meetings. And this was a great GDC for Phyre, with the 3.5 announcement and more positive quotes from our users than we could include in that blog post.
  2. An amazing Vita line up, especially in May and July. Thomas was Alone, Velocity Ultra, Rymdkapsel, and Soul Sacrifice in May and then Hotline Miami and Stealth Inc in July. Every one of these I’d recommend to anyone with a Vita.
  3. HPG 2013 and SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim. More planning and preparation and a whole lot of busy. And now, pages and pages of notes to transcribe.

Other than these distractions, there have been some things that I’ve been looking at for new posts:

  1. More DefCon videos. I’ve already got a list of great videos which is longer than the first post.
  2. Dabbling in Android. Thanks to vs-android, I’ve been able to stay in my happy place with Visual Studio while developing for Android. I wanted to see how hard it would be to a) run something on my new Nexus 10 b) then port and run something with several hundred thousand lines of code.
  3. Spherical Harmonics. Having read the Robin Green paper several times until I understood it and then the Peter-Pike Sloan doc, then anything else I could find, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s quite a gulf between the simplicity of the underlying maths as exposed by a library like the DirectXSH library from Chuck Walbourn or the D3DXSH maths functions, and the literature that describes how to apply the maths. This makes me want to write an “SH for dummies” style post that would let me verify that I understand what is needed to integrate basic SH lighting and then highlight what I’ve missed.
  4. Actually writing up my HPG 2013 and SIGGRAPH 2013 experiences – that normally takes a few weeks!
  5. Updates to my HTML5/JS experiments. I still pick them up from time to time. I just love the simplicity of JS and HTML for protoyping, but I miss the exclusive control over the device that you get from console development.

Give me time, the next post isn’t too far away. (And the 1 in the title is for the fact that this isn’t the last time this is going to happen!)

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