Interim Update

In my head I’m trying to maintain a weekly posting schedule. I’ve got several posts in the work-in-progress category, each being incrementally updated until I’m ready to publish. The HTML5 work has taken a backseat while I practice my writing – a bit shameful really since I’ve been seeing some hits on my Getting started with HTML5 canvas page and I know I can do better.

Wrapping up Very Sleepy fork

I’m currently trying to package up a nice set of easy to build source for my fork of Very Sleepy. I’m inspired by Yuriy‘s  Sleepy-ex project so I want to prepackage all of the required wxWidgets dependencies to make life easier for downloaders. That’s taken a lot longer than finding somewhere to upload it for sharing and writing a blog post about it!

Converting to Visual Studio 2010

I’ve spent quite a bit of time already trying to summarise my recent experience of converting a suite of Visual Studio 2008 projects to Visual Studio 2010. It’s not big or clever, and the whole conversion system is poorly documented on the internet and I want to get it all written down before it all escapes me. It’s going to take a while thanks to a lot of the intricacies involved and will probably end up being my longest post – I typically aim for 1000-ish words, but 2000 seems easily possible and there’s a nerdy bit of me that wants to aim for 2010 words.

2011 Games

I want to continue writing up the games I played last year. The first part came out a lot longer while I was writing it, so I’ve broken it into parts that I aim to get out in the next few months.

Other stuff!

I’ve got a few more posts in the list, a few more blogs (it’s going to be hard to beat Old New Thing), some short tools posts about tools I can’t live without, and some follow-ups to some blog posts I’ve read.


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