Happy New Year

Pretty much every site on my Google Reader feed is doing their review of the year. Having just started blogging, I’m only at 9 posts and I’ve just managed to reach triple figures on views! (Well… I reached 100 on the 1st of January which I’m still pretty proud of).

Last few weeks

There’s been a couple of things on my mind for the last few weeks that have been holding up my posting.

  • Still reading Raymond Chen. My next Blog’s I’ve Read entry was going to be The Old New Thing blog from Raymond Chen. With a post every day from him for the last 9 years, I started at the beginning of 343 odd pages with 10 posts a page and have only about 60 left. The quality of the content I’ve found there makes me want to make that the next post for the category, but I want to get up to date first in case something exciting happens.
  • I’ve been considering the best way to post my updated version of Very Sleepy. After writing about my changes, I wanted to publish a version that people could use to see if it fixes their issues and if they like the more responsive interface. My first idea was to speak to Yuriy O’Donnell and piggy-back on his Sleepy-ex project on bitbucket.org. Thinking further (and after having spoken to Yuriy) I realized that it would be better to look into creating my own project for sharing. With Git and Mercurial both being something outside of my comfort zone, using a DVCS is something that I’ve only read about in depth without having actually used it yet. It feels a bit overkill to use a DVCS just to share some code and an exe.
  • My HTML5 work has stalled based on a loss of motivation. My work-in-progress game has been in-progress for the last few months. I’ve got to several points where I’ve had something showable as simple example of using some of the HTML5 features I depended on, but I wanted to take it to the point where I could show off a basic game. Of course, by saying game, I need to make sure I include all of the auxiliary bits that you expect with games, such as menus, score, timer etc. I’ve always been a big fan of the “find the fun” philosophy when creating games, but looking at my bodged together interface makes me want to add some more polish before testing it some more and looking for the fun.
  • Finding time to work on my JavaScript code. Actually getting to the code to write some more is the biggest challenge since dropbox isn’t the kind of thing you can install on a corporate network for giggles.
  • Wanting to update the blog. While travelling during the Christmas break, I left the laptop at home but still wanted to keep working on some posts. As this list of random things is proof, there’s been several ideas I’ve wanted to post about, but not in much depth. The problem is, when I have an idea, I want to note it somewhere. I did look at WordPress for iOS as a possibility, but then I was too busy to try it.
  • Mentally tossing up the value of Twitter. Again, with these random ideas I want to post about, I was thinking I could squeeze it down to 140 characters and dip my toe in the water. However, I realised that once I got started, most of my tweets would be either retweets of other’s work or me expressing anger at SouthEastern trains, delayed ferries and other tidbits that would interest few if any.
  • And then my iPhone broke. I managed to get a bent pin in the connector port. First problem, I only discovered this when I got home and wanted to charge it since the battery was nearly dead – the pin was stopping it from charging. Second problem, I hadn’t backed up since the iOS 5 update which was about 6 weeks out of date, and the phone wouldn’t talk to iTunes. I spoke to one of the Apple Geniuses at the Genius Bar and he suggested a wifi sync when I got home, hoping that I could get enough copied off in however long 17% of battery lasts. However, before I left work, one of my colleagues was able to apply finesse and fine copper wire to bend the pin back up so that a cable could be attached. That got me to 100% battery and leaving the cable in until I got home meant that I could connect to iTunes and backup. (For reference, wifi sync appears to need to be enabled in iTunes with the phone connected so would not have worked 😦 ) The next day I went back and paid for an out of warranty replacement phone, fortunately 1/4 of the price of a new one and installed it straight from the previous night’s backup.
  • Investigating SkyDrive. During a cloud discussion, we had a who’s got the biggest free storage contest and SkyDrive won with 25GB for starters whipping my iCloud‘s 5GB (personally I think that the iCloud storage should scale on the size of device and accumulate for multiple devices). I’ve been looking at how easy it is to get things in and out with something like SDExplorer and soon will go crazy by putting all my photos on there.

The rest of the year

Looking forward to the rest of the year, there’s several things I want to post about:

  • The first thing is a status update for my HTML5 stuff (or rather publishing that post-in-progress with a link to the work-in-progress). I’d then like to polish off what I was working on and write something more in-depth. WebGL is still sitting in the back of my mind, but I just can’t use it on the iPad yet.
  • A review of the games I enjoyed in 2011 – it’s been a great year for PS3 and I’ve played some really enjoyable games.
  • Looking at some upcoming games or writing about my experiences. I’m already looking forward to SSX and Borderlands 2 this year. Now if I could just finish off the other games in the queue.
  • More blogs for the Blogs I’ve Read category.
  • Maybe an iPhone app or two that I’ve enjoyed.

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