Game Guilt

I recently heard the term Game Guilt, described as the guilt you feel when the backlog of games you have ready to play far exceeds the time available to play them – a first world problem that’s affecting me.

Since we’re in Shooter Season 2011 (thanks Zero Punctuation) the number of games getting released that I really want to play is building up. However, my time available to play all of these wonderful games is solely based on swapping some sleep time for some PS3 time. To draw out this play time even longer, where possible I’ll play on the hardest setting so that I can experience as much of the game as possible in one play through and it aggravates me when I have to play through once on a lower setting before the hardest setting is available (Resistance, God Of War, Deathspank – I’m looking at you – why can’t you be more like cousin Rage?!).

I’ll rarely leave a game uncompleted unless it’s far too hard, something much better comes along or it really was a mistake to start. That’s currently left me with Plants vs Zombies and the most recent Deathspank partially complete – although Deathspank is my second play through now that I can access the super-hard difficulty.

Reinforcing the backlog at the moment are:

  • Burnout Paradise – I loved the demo and I’ve always loved the effort from the Burnout team. When this came up as a freebie with PlayStation Plus, I joined just to get it.
  • Dead Island – I was interested in this and it came with my FHM subscription. This was the most likely thing I would play from the backlog until Uncharted turned up.
  • Dead Nation – Free from the PSN downtime. Last time I wanted to play it, it wanted a 600MB patch so I exited and played something else instead.
  • Borderlands (the final DLC) – I’ve done parts of 3 of the 4 DLCs in the game-of-the-year version but I need to go back for Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.
  • Uncharted 3 – Probably the number one game in this list that I really want to play, but I want to clear down Battlefield first, and Modern Warfare is looming!

Hmm, reading that back, it sounds like I’m mostly complaining that I have too many freebies – maybe I should shut up and go play games instead! Maybe I’ll get one of those HMZ-T1 head mounted displays.


5 responses to “Game Guilt

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  4. At first I was like, “That’s unintuitive – to get through a new game the quickest, wouldn’t you play it on the easiest setting?” But then I realized it’s that you’re extracting a different (and cooler) sort of value from the games – you want to be exposed to all the challenges in their full glory, whereas another player might just want to get to the next cutscene.

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