Sony KDL-46HX823

Although this is a bit ahead of schedule, I wanted to let the world know about my new TV.

New TV eh?

I’ve recently come into possession of a Sony KDL-46HX823 television (and it was nothing riot based I assure you). Although the main criteria were Sony, 46 inches, 2+ HDMI ports and the best I could afford, I really didn’t do any in-depth research into the differences between the options. I had seen a couple of 46 inch TVs side-by-side in a Sony shop, and I did like the build and look of the HX823, but until the box arrived I didn’t realize how small and thin it was by comparison to the 42 inch TV it was replacing.

Does it work?

After spending 15 minutes building the stand before swapping out the new TV for the old, I’ve been overjoyed with it ever since. As a TV it definitely does what’s required with some extra polish on the menus and TV guide but I think it’s the extra features that make it. Before buying, I thought “oh well, it’s got Skype, could speak to Mum more often” as well as “woohoo, another platform with iPlayer to add to the PS3 and the V+.” Now that it’s here just meandering through the menus makes me realize what it can do:

  • Online help. The help is actually built into the TV, well presented and easy to navigate. Going through the menus here was the first clue I got to the other things that this TV can do.
  • Record to USD HDD? Really? Reading though the online manual it sounds like I need a drive of more than 32GB and since it’s formatted to some required format, it also sounds like I’ll need something sacrificial that I don’t mind losing while I try this whole thing out. The recordings also seem to be locked down to the TV, which I guess is expected in these DRM times.
  • Distance control. As a substitute for telling a three year old to step back from the TV because it’s not good for their eyes (and I can’t see), this really wins awards. Looking at the option in the menu, it seems like this system uses the inbuilt camera to face match and then calculate a distance estimate used to decide when to hide the picture and start beeping. Unfortunately the only control is on/off rather than being able to adjust the distance so it’s mostly successful, but needs to be disabled when playing something like Eyepet close to the TV.
  • iPlayer. The first thing I thought about having this integrated into the TV, was cool, I won’t have to switch on the PS3 or V+ box just for that. However having used it, I’d say it’s much closer to the smooth PS3 implementation than the chuggy V+ version.
  • Bravia/PS3 integration. Overall I’d say that this is the most useful feature to me personally. With the Bravia sync system, I can start the PS3 from the TV (OK, so that’s not so hard to do normally by pressing the PlayStation button on the controller), and conversely, turning on the PS3 will switch the TV to the right HDMI channel. The TV remote works on the PS3 XMB and I assume that’s via the Bravia sync rather than bluetooth, since I’ve not registered any extra controllers with the PS3. And… as an added bonus, the USB port seems to send out enough charge to charge a PS3 pad or Move controller while the TV is on!

So far, the only less than positive thing that it’s done was a software update on day two of its life and I wish they’d shown release notes so that I’d know what had changed!


2 responses to “Sony KDL-46HX823

  1. Hi there. I have the same TV and love it. Have you been able to figure out Series record though? Can’t seem to make it work.

    • I can’t say I’ve tried it – I use a V+ box and I didn’t even know the TV could do it when I got it. With the dropping price of usb drives and a lack of available space on the V+, I’m tempted to give it a go. I’ll follow up if I find anything.

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