Hello world!

Hi there!

My name’s Rich Forster and I’m a programmer on the SCE R&D PhyreEngine team. I’ve been at SCEE for 11 years now, starting in Developer Support, moving through some internal projects and into R&D about 6 years ago. And now that you know who I am, I have to say that the views in this posting and any future posting do not represent the views of my Company.

This is of course my first blog post. My aim with this blog is to share useful information, keep track of what I’ve done, start some discussions and generally get involved with the development community, where game development is my main focus. I want to start posting at least weekly to maintain a flow of posts that I think I can achieve. I’m also hoping that this will improve the quality of my writing and lead me to trying new things, as well as getting me ready to put myself forward for altdevblogaday.com.

Planned Content
Going forward, there’s several different topics I’d like to post about:

  • Tech – Although I’d love to post about the tech I’m interested in, I’ll also be posting about tech I’ve investigated that I’m not so used to, and all of the fun in trying something new..
  • Blogs – I want to write about some of the best blogs I’ve read. I typically go back and read the archives of a new blog where possible, leaving a queue of entirely unread blogs – would like suggestions too
  • iPhone apps – I’ll be posting about apps that I use regularly that I consider incredibly useful rather than providing a commentary over the different pages from my iPhone.
  • Personal stuff – I’ll try and keep this to a minimum since I find it can get distracting when reading a tech oriented blog. I’ll also try and keep ranting and totally off-topic posting to a minimum.

I’ve turned comments on since I think any discussion generated will be useful – I’m looking forward to finding out how good WordPress’s spam filtering is, although I’m guessing if it’s really good, I won’t even know!


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